1.   Ground Water recharge through existing dug wells in favourable catchment like agricultural fields will facilitate improvement in Ground Water situation in the affected areas.
2. The recharge programme will increase the sustainability of wells during lean period and will improve the overall irrigated agricultural productivity, drinking water availability, socio economic conditions and quality of life of the people in the affected areas.
3. The recharge programme will also help improving the quality of groundwater especially in the fluoride affected areas.
4. The scheme would facilitate strengthening of the institutional framework, creation of awareness and capacity building of beneficiaries and personnel involved in the project implementations and overall community involvement in water resource management in the affected areas.
5. Existing 12.50 lakhs irrigation dug wells will act as recharge structures to harvest rain water and thereby conserve flood water considerably.
6. Farmers will be motivated towards rain water harvesting as wells as the ground water recharging.