The scheme will be implemented by the State Government in 142 over exploited, 33 Citical and 57 Semi-Critical blocks.
  The State Governments would constitute State Level Steering Committees (SLSC) and District Level Implementation and Monitoring Committees (DLIMCs) to ensure effective implementation of the scheme.
  The technical support for the scheme will be provided by regional offices of CGWB, State Ground Water Board (SGWB), Water and Land Management Institutes (WALMI).
  The efficacy of the Scheme will be evaluated through impact assessment studies to be undertaken by agencies empanelled for the scheme by the Ministry of Water Resources.

  Completion of the Project.

  On completion of the project, the implementing agency will provide completion report along with necessary utilization certificates to Ministry of Water Resources with a copy to NABARD. A provision of annual maintenance fund for initial two years has been made in the scheme i.e. an amount of 2.5% (per year) of the total cost of the scheme for two years (amounting to 5%), which is to be released at the end of the second year. Thereafter, the beneficiaries will be responsible for operation and maintenance of their recharge structures from their own resources.


  The Nodal Department shall obtain an undertaking from beneficiaries to the effect that they shall construct the recharge structures within 3 months of receiving the subsidy funds and shall maintain the structures afterwards.