1. The scheme involves installation of recharge structures in the existing irrigation open wells of the beneficiary farmers in the affected areas to facilitate Ground Water Recharge.
2. The Dugwell Recharge scheme is phased over three years duration and will be taken up from 2008 2009 up to 2010 2011.
3. The identified beneficiaries will be the farmers having dug wells in their agricultural land.
4. 12,50,730 existing irrigation dug wells of the beneficiary farmers are to be taken for recharging groundwater. The unit cost for a dug well recharge is Rs.4,000/-
5. The scheme provides for 100% subsidy to small farmers (less than 1 ha land holding) and marginal farmers (1 to 2 ha land holding) and 50% subsidy to other farmers (greater than 2 ha land holding)
6. This scheme is funded by the Government of India. The subsidy amount is proposed to be disbursed by NABARD through the LEAD BANK of the district concerned directly to the identified beneficiaries.
7. Pre and post project impact assessment studies would be carried out through reputed agencies/organizations. The benchmarking of such studies and identification of agencies will be undertaken by the Ministry of Water Resources.