The Hydrology Project Phase II which is a vertical extension of the Hydrology Project Phase I. It has been taken up by the Government of Tamil Nadu at a project cost of Rs.25.27 crores of which the loan component is Rs.20.65 crores with the assistance of 'International Reconstruction and Development Bank'.

  The legal agreements have been signed on 19.1.06. The effective date of commencement of the project is 5.4.06.

  The Administrative sanction for this project has been accorded by the Government G.O (2D) No.28 Public works (E2) Dept.dt.24.8.906.

  The objective of the Hydrology Project Phase II is to use Hydrological Information System (HIS) data for the development of 'Decision Support System' (DSS) for integrated planning of water resources in river basins in Tamil Nadu.


The Prime Components of the Project.


1)        Consolidation of HPI Activities
2)        Awareness, dissemination and knowledge sharing
3)        Hydrological Design Aids
4)        Development of Decision Support Systems
         -     Drought monitoring, assessment and management in Vaippar basin
         -     Flood Management in Tambiraparani basin
         - Conjunctive use of Surface and Ground Water in Agniyar basin.


 The revised Annual Programme for this year is Rs.183.90 lakhs.


On completion of the Hydrology Project Phase II, the above Decision Support Systems for the said three basins would have been developed with input from various agencies and these DSSs are technical tools designed to support the information needs of policy makers and water resources stake holders.